How to hunt bears


They are found inside caves such as these

And the caves themselves can only be found in the badlands, that dark grayish area.
If you want to release a bear you have to tap on the cave twice. The first time you tap, you will hear a growl and the 2nd time a bear will come out!


A bear will always move 2+ tiles south of where it was released after a few seconds.

Bears can always move 4 tiles in any direction at a time, if an object is in the way of that 4th tile however the bear will move over all the objects beyond that 4th tile. A bear cannot stop on a tile occupied by another object. A bear will stop short if a wall like object is in its path (Tree, fence). Imagine it moves like a queen piece in chest.

If a player is standing closer than 4 tiles near a bear , it will stop on the player. If you end up on the same tile as a bear it will attack and kill you! :skull: You can avoid this by standing on an object or you could also ride a horse. You will be safe on a horse when it comes to bears.


Since you can lead bears to a location I found that it’s best to set everything up in one spot reasonable in the center of all the bear caves you are hunting at. In order to take down a bear you need a Bow and 3 Arrows. Then to skin a bear you need a knife. To be safe I set up my hunting sites like this

3x3 of wooden floorboards that have bear skins on top of them to help with warmth or raising a kid
and 2 stones on each space so you can’t accidentally replace them.

Killing a bear

To kill a bear you must shoot it with 3 arrows, the first time it is shot a bear will only move 2 tiles at a time. After the 3rd arrow the bear will move away from you and die. :bear:
Just stay within your hunting site and lead it while on a horse. You should be guaranteed to live. Bears will respawn after one full day from being released.

Self Sustaining

If you don’t want to run around looking for food I recommend getting at least 2 clay crocks, 2 plates, 2 paper and a bowl. Make them into two containers and use the bowl to collect blueberries.
Since your hunting site should be in a badlands and those contain lots of blue berry bushes!
You need to collect from 2 blue berry bushes to make a full bowl and put them into the containers.
Each container can hold 5 bowls and that should keep you barely fed enough each time they are in season. Wearing clothes would help a lot with this too.