How to make Baby Bottles

I been looking everywhere I find out how to make baby bottles but I can’t seen to find them anywhere :confused: . If I find an answer I post it here so that if anyone searches my topic they will know to make it. Thanks and I hope that I get feed back asap. Thank you all.


Maybe this will help. Quite a recipe!

Haven’t made the bottle myself yet. But i found one and made screenshots of the recipe book.


OMG thanks you so much. Also there are so many steps I wonder if i can make emin on life in other words under 60 min? Thanks again your awesome.

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i guess getting the blowpipe will be the hardest part. i hope you will succeed :heart_eyes: i wish you luck!


Thanks I’ll post it here when I finally made it.


Boom, thats a big recipe for a little Baby bottle :smiley:
It took me many lives to find out how to make the blowpipe.

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In case write me an pm!

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