How to make stew

Ooh tell me how to make stew :heart_eyes:. Twisted never made stew so i am clueless

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You need a crock pot made from two unfired clay bowl
Then you jeed to get some squash on a plate, cut it with an axe.
Then you need dried beans in a bowl, smash em with a stone, put in a plate, put back in the bowl. Go fetch water. Put it in the smashed beans, and then remove water by putting rinced beans into another bowl. You eill now have a bowl of water and a bowl of prepared beans. Put the beans into the crock pot.
Now you need dried corn, put it in bowl then cut it with a flint chip.
Put the cut corn into the pot.
Then the bowl of water you used to rince the beans? Just put this water inside the stew.

So you have in the pot: squash, beans and corn, with water too. It makes β€œraw stew”. Put the raw stew over hot coals, it will cook for a minute. Serve with a bowl. Bowl has two uses, and the crock pot has many many uses.


Actually he did once :roll_eyes:
Wish we could be in the same place once so we could make stew I always ask for help with the smithy stuff no one listens :frowning:

Yeah - the smithy stuff would be good for a pair to do. Being able to make multiple tools at a time would really help with one player forging and one smithing and collecting the resources (sticks and iron ore mainly)

Going back and forth to make more and more coal is tiresome.

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How many bowls does it fill ingeneral and How many hunger bars per eat does it fill?

8 uses per pots
Two uses per bowls
So 16 uses total
12 units of food per uses
192 food squares per stew bowls c:

I can see you standing at a new stew pot counting haha

I think we need to do a topic of all the foods and how many uses it has and how many hunger bars it fills cause ppl keep doing berry pies and killing off the bushes to fast. I think the knowledge will help people decide what to make as in foods for mid game
You are very β– β– β– β– β– β– β–  welcome <3

And i count every calories i put in my stew c:

Lol you so awsome

Ty c:
Glad i can help
Remember. Eat your daily source of stew everyday for a healthy body