How to ride a Bear (熊の乗り方)

  1. Get Raw Mutton from butchering either a Sheep or a Mouflon.
  2. Feed raw mutton to Hungry Grizzly Bear.
  3. Quickly jump onto back of Fed Grizzly. You have about 5 seconds before it becomes deadly again.
  4. Be careful when you dismount. There is a chance that your bear will go wild again when you don’t control it anymore. Not always, but sometimes… :bear:

Update 2020:

The previous instructions were for an event we held in 2018, and they are not valid for the main game. Instead:

  1. Get Honey Bees and make honey
  2. Make a full crock of honey, i.e. a crock that holds 5 x honey
  3. Feed the full crock to a bear, then wait for it to finish eating.
  4. As soon as it is finished eating, click on the bear to mount it.
  1. 羊かオオツノヒツジから生の羊肉を手に入れる。
  2. 空腹のハイイログマに生の羊肉を与える。
  3. すぐにそのハイイログマの背中に飛び乗る。また凶暴に戻る前に5秒ほどの時間があります。
  4. 降りるときは注意が必要です。制御することをやめると熊が野生に戻る可能性があります。必ずしもそうとは限りませんが、時々は… :bear:

I do my best but he never be kind…

They updated it so that the only way you can get a happy grizzly bear is through the full honey crock. Also, there isn’t a bug with the bear with honey crock. The bear needs to be able to move in order to get the honey crock off his head. He moves like two times with the crock on his head then it comes off empty and then that’s when you jump on him to ride him.

I updated the instructions now.

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