How to start up a basic town

Waiting to be born…

Finally, born! Oh, i am a eve! Well, lets start by naming myself.
Oh, hello child! Hmmm… I named myself, got a kid… what do i do now?

Starting up as eve can be hard for new players, and annoying for experienced players who don’t want to spend their life explaining.
So if you are a new player, read the follwing steps and tips to help you through your life:

  1. Name
    When you start your life, begin by naming yourself.
    Your family would like to have a last name.
    The name does not have to be special, just give yourself a name.
    Tip: if you can’t think of a name, look around you and click on objects to see the name. Then give yourself that name.
    Example: Maple Milkweed.

  2. Location
    When you named yourself, walk around to see your area.
    Look what biomes you see. Are you in a green open field,
    with a blue area with ducks? Settle there!
    Water is important for farming, and you can only find that there.
    Grab some branches and cut or break some things with a sharp stone, made by using a stone on a big hard rock to mark the area, and make a home marker by cutting a sapling and then using a stone on it.
    Above your screen would now be a compass-like icon, which is pointing to your home.
    Now look around again for yellow and gray (Don’t look in caves, there are hungry bears waiting!) areas, these are the second most important.
    Tip: it could be posible you allready have babies.
    Tell them to be calm and bring them with you.
    This also counts for multiple babies.
    Then switch between feeding the babies.
    If they say f, quickly feed them! That means they want food.

A bad location

A good location

  1. Fire
    Fire is a basic need. First make a hatchet.
    Collect 2 milkweed, plants growing in the green.
    Use the two threads for a rope.
    Get a long straight branch from a maple tree and use a sharp stone to make a short shaft. Now put the rope on the short shaft, and also a sharp stone. Now collect a branch from a lombardy poplar tree.
    Cut it with a sharp stone, and combine it with another rope and put a short shaft on.
    Use your hatchet on a branch to make kindling.
    Now make a long straight shaft by using a sharp stone on a long straight branch. Collect juniper from a juniper tree in the yellow biome, and a leaf from a maple or lombardy tree.
    Now use the fire bow drill on the straight branch. Use a leaf on it and put it on the juniper. Now, when the juniper burns, put the kindling on. You made a fire! Make sure to have much kindling, a fire goes out very fast.

Needs for fire and wet bowls and plates

  1. Basic farm
    Your town could be allready near food, but if you look at the future,
    you would need much more to feed your family.
    Start by making a basket. Cut two reeds with a sharp stone.
    Combine them for a basket. A basket can carry 3 things.
    First use the basket to fill up soil. Find a soil pit and use your basket to collect. Now put the soil near your home marker.
    Collect more reed, and also clay from clay pits.
    Combine reed and clay to make adobe. Now put a piece of adobe down and use a stone to make a adobe base. Put 2 other pieces on for your kiln. Now put some kindling in your kiln.
    Collect more clay. Use a stone to make wet bowls and plates.
    Smash one time for a bowl, and two times for a plate.
    Start with a basic amount of 3 bowls and 3 plates.
    Now search for flint. Cut it with a sharp stone and collect a flint chip.
    Now use it on a long straigh shaft. You have made wooden tongs.
    Walk back and use a long straight shaft to light the kiln.
    Grab the wooden tongs and grab the clay bowls and plates to hard them.
    Put it down and grab the next one. The kiln goes out after 30 seconds.
    Use the bowl to collect water. Cut a sapling and use it on the soil.
    You should have around 9 piles. Collect gooseberries and make seeds with a flint chip. Plant them in your farm, and use the bowl to make the land wet. Now you made basic tools and a good farm!
    If people ate from the gooseberry bush, you have to use soil again.
    Collect it with a bowl from a soil pile.

Growing Gooseberry bushes

These where the basic steps to set up a starting town. There are much more things to learn, but it is a start. Make sure to play the YAH toturials, found in the server menu, these are very helpfull!