How to Use Curses Effectively (my views)

Hi, I’ve heard there is a new update to make curses more useful in mobile’s smaller community. So here is a guide for what curses do and how to use curses to deal with people who make the game worse for everyone around them🙂. (if I got anything wrong just tell me)


  1. Curses (currently) go into effect when a player has 8 curses on them and will mark them, telling everyone they may be a threat. When a player has 10 curses, they are born in Donkey Town. Donkey Town is a place of isolation, and the cursed player can only have other curses babies.

  2. You have one curse token for every 2 hours you play.

  3. Curses seem to be used as an insult or a way to get anger out at the recipient of the curse, and this is not what they have been made for. So don’t use them like this (ya dingus).


In my opinion you should usually save your curse tokens for a decent sized town so you can go nuts on a griefer all together to get rid of them for a while. Also, players can be reborn and it won’t take long to fix small damages, so please don’t do this to a SUSPECT. It is meant to be a punishment so be alert for signs so you can act before they can do A LOT of damage.

(P.S. sponges are not deserving of curses, they are usually just kids who are new to the game and don’t know how the game works best. So teach them how to earn food.)

Credit to Obowie for helping me figure there ideas out :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


I thought it was every two hours?

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Perhaps someday a bunch of griefers in Donkey Town will work together to form a great evil alliance and raid the pleasant lands of Ohol to advance their fancy evil empire.


Ok I’ll make the change sometime today :ok_hand:

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What’s donkey town?


So all people that are cursed can play toghter that would be cool

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donkey town is where cursed people end up. dont know where the name is coming from and how it is there, but as far as i know its a place far away from everyone else so they wont come back easily.

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Yes i had that on jp server but just delete game from ur iphone or ipd and reinstal and it will be gone


I doubt Donkey “town” will be a place for griefers to gather because there would be no reason for them to gather in that way. It is a land of isolation, with no one to grief🤗. Also it takes time for Donkey town to wear off…

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Not if u reinstal the game

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That’s incorrect. Your curse points are kept on the server - not on your device, so re-installing has no effect. Event though we don’t keep any records that can connect a player ID with a physical person, we still get an identifier from Apple (or Google) which remains the same even if you re-install.


Donkey Town is a euphemism for where you go when you have been acting dumb. Usually it is not one specific place, but just “away from un-cursed players”. In some of our weekend events, we made Donkey Town a specific place on the map though (mostly for fun).


I am so upset rn. Stupid me didn’t find enough people to play in the US server so I hop over to the Japanese server. What do we know I didn’t understand the language and the lag prevented me from seeing my daughter. She spawned and I apparently “abandoned” her. The whole town didn’t notify me, didn’t try to communicate and just straight up cursed me. Now I got a B1 mark and does it go away?? It’s so unfair because afterwards they were didn’t even say sorry. Some can speak English and just choose to get rid of me by cursing without telling me anything. It’s so upsetting to get this mark when I’ve tried to be as helpful and productive as I can ever since starting the game. I am beyond words