How to use Rebirth Marker

I did the whole process once and was able to return to my town, but the next life i was born to someone else and I didnt have an arrow pointing to my original town. Do we have to put the lily on the home marker and be buried properly every life? I thought we just have to do it once and then we can continue to spawn back or have an arrow that would lead us back.

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If you reborn again, you need to reactivated it by burry your remaining skeletons. You don’t need to put another petal on the home mark.

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I believe how it works is that you get born to your home marker 1 life
Next life your born to a different family since it would be physically impossible to burry your own bones (so unless your daughter or something buries you you will be born to a different family)

If your bones are buried by those players then you will be reborn at you home marker. But if you happen to find your own bones in any of those lives before they despawned and bury yourself then you will always respawn at your eve marker either as an eve or being born to a nearby mother.


So if i did this whole process, but my bones were not buried every life, i loose my ability to find my base?
There are times when im born to a new eve but cannot find my town in time to bury my bones. What then? I loose everything amd start over again?

Regardless of whether u bury your bones or not?

No you or someone else would have to bury your bones if you found them to be able to respawn.

But you could live 30 lives if you wanted with other players and never get burried or Wait a week or a month even but as soon as someone, or yourself, buries your bones you will be able to be born at your home marker that you placed your peace lilly pad at.

Let’s explain with different words. It’s still the same thing, just explained a different way.

Any time you create a rebirth marker, that markers position on the map is stored. That position is now your rebirth position. It will never disappear and the only way to change it is by you creating a new rebirth marker.

Whenever you are born (or spawned), the server checks if rebirth is active for you. If rebirth is not active for you, your birth position will be calculated the normal way. If rebirth is active for you, you will be born near your rebirth position, and rebirth will then become inactive for you (or dormant).

Rebirth will remain dormant/inactive for you until the next time your bones (from any life that lasted 10 years or more) are buried. When that happens, rebirth is activated for you again, and will be used at your next birth/spawn. The position of the rebirth doesn’t change, and it has nothing to do with where your grave is.

To recap: decide position once by creating the rebirth marker. Then return as often as you like, any time someone has buried your bones anywhere.

Hope this helps?








Thank you, yes!

Thank you so much for that explanation @Christoffer! I finally understand it now and I am so happy to actively keep on working on my hometown. Just one question for clarification: „properly buried“ - does this mean it is enough, that my bones are in the grave fully covered with dirt or MUST there be a flat stone on it so that it counts for „properly“ buried?

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A stone has to be placed on the grave to activate the rebirth logic (it doesn’t have to remain there afterwards though).