I am Batman

I was born to an Eve who named me Batman Tia and told me she found her camp. It was in an awful location but I felt sorry for her when she asked if I could build her a fire to make omelettes, so as soon as I could pick things up I went to work.

I built her a fire and began organizing and chopping kindling and firewood, making baskets, tending the berry farm and eventually making a little carrot and milkweed farm.

I had a single surviving brother named Vale Tia who was amazing to watch. We never exchanged a word, and even though we knew we had no more females we both kept working silently.

He improved that outpost tremendously, making tools and roads, doing everything at once. It was a pleasure to see someone trying so hard! I watched him in observation mode after my death. He sang to himself “Lonely! I’m so lonely!” :joy:

Thank you Vale, you renewed my faith. Here is Vale right before he passed.


What a nice guy!