I am very angry

I think you know that PK vandalism is happening frequently on JAPAN server these days.
They have turned off some features on their iPhones and reinstalled the apps, ignoring the curse as well as the pedigree prohibition and continuing to vandalize.
Keeping the players who are genuinely enjoying themselves without taking measures against such malicious users means increasing the number of players who quit the game.

We strongly request that all users create accounts with email addresses, Google accounts, etc. and bury such users.

It’s clear, but I’m convinced that You are hope is the only thing that can be so rough in this style of game where many players participate.

It is a very important factor that the control power of operation is very low.

I’ve been doing it for nearly three years, but I felt the effectiveness against vandalism was the introduction of an individual ID and the display of B.
Only this.

In other words, some degree of user identification is mandatory.
Even if the player can not recognize it, if the management can recognize it, strong measures such as account freeze will be taken.


In addition, death due to sadness is a measure to prevent abandonment of childcare that occurs mainly on servers outside Japan, but there is almost no abandonment of childcare on Japanese servers, and the problem of reset marathon is serious.
Death from the sadness of the reset marathon has resulted in the death of an adult woman, which has delighted users of the malicious reset marathon.
On the Japanese server, the death due to sadness is harmful and there is no benefit.
Please abolish it on the Japanese server.

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Anyway, this game tends to be updated based on servers other than Japan, but the one with the most game population is Japan server.
However, as you know, the Japanese do not disturb their voices too much when they are dissatisfied.
Today’s messy Japanese servers are angry by all pure players except vandalism.
On the contrary, the trolls are gladly trolling.

Until this is resolved or measures are announced.
I decided not to play the game.
Eliminating malicious players is an operational duty.
Think carefully about this.

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People can easily find or create fake emails.

Even if you can easily get an e-mail address, you will get a new e-mail address, authenticate, and register your account each time you perform vandalism.

This alone will certainly be a deterrent.
Usually, the player does only the first time, so you should not have to worry about it.
At least I don’t care at all.

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With iOS system, the personal game data is stored in the iCloud, and how is it possible that players can get rid of banishment numbers by reinstalling the game? Besides, is it really necessary to freeze the game accounts of griefers?

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And is it against the App Store rules for developers or whatever?

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a paying user should always be able to play the game. that’s what the player paid for. but i think the donkey town is a good place for griefers.

for a new player it would be super weird to registrate his e-mail address after buying the game. i would ask why the app seller needs this information about me.

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Why can I get rid of exile?
I don’t understand it.
I’m not an iPhone user.
It seems they are telling how to increase their trolls.

Do I need to freeze my account?
Despite being banished for dozens of times, users who should go to Donkey Town come to the village to erase and vandalize it.
When replaced by reality, this is a murderer who has been wanted for murder, but who has undergone plastic surgery, changes his family register, and runs away.
If you want to play with murderers, don’t you feel the need to freeze?
At least I don’t want to play together, so I feel the need for freezing.
Of course, in most cases you can’t easily freeze it. However, there is a constraint that if you continue to do a very bad vandalism, it can also be done.

If there is no prison in this world, there is no police.
It’s not hard to imagine that the world is full of criminals.
The situation on the Japan server today is exactly the same.

I have no idea of Android system honestly. I think the developers have granted us the tools to battle against griefers already, like banishment, regional banishment, lock & keys, knife to kill. It might be, like you said, a society with criminals, but it’s a society with autonomy. Having the developers to freeze accounts, like “god mod”, is yet another story.

Registering an email address to launch the game is not at all strange.
This is because I have been registering accounts for various games that many people participate and play in the same field many times.

Why do I need to register for an account in such a game?
We recognize that it is for handing over and managing game data, and for alerting when annoying behavior to other users is known.

If you understand the nuisance to other players, there are various responses depending on the game,
For example, writing on the bulletin board is prohibited, and item trading is prohibited.
I think that in many cases it does not affect the playing of the game itself and only disconnects with other players.
Donkeytown fits in this game, but it’s not working properly.
As long as the game system is not functioning properly, I think it is natural to strengthen the measures.

nah i paid already. no need for my e-mail address. that data stays with me. :wink:
i don’t see the point in giving any more data. there have to be other possibilities.
also i would make a fake e-mail address for that or don’t play at all.

why does banishment not work in your opinion? are there not enough players with you to banish griefers? or is it that they return after donkey town? and how do you know they are the same players?

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I have no knowledge of Android or iPhone system either.

However, it is true that they manipulated it and, despite being banished for dozens of times and being PKKed, soon returned to the same village.

There are certainly tools for fighting.
However, there is no defense against “PK trolls where you do not know where in the village”.
Because this is not a fighting game, normal players enjoy crafting.
Shot with an arrow while making a pie.
You are shot by an arrow while you are doing blacksmithing.
Shot with an arrow while talking to another player.
At that time, in most cases, the tools for treatment are hidden.
Can you prevent this?
Always be vigilant and live not to get out of the lily flower.
That’s all you can do to protect yourself from PK vandalism.

Of course, every time PK occurs, the villagers resist with expulsion and PKK.
However, because PKK’s pedigree prohibition and expulsion are all meaningless, even if you defeat it many times, it will soon appear again, people will be killed, and it will be an abandoned village.

4 thoughts for the PK problem

  1. cure yourself

  2. easier way for others to cure you

  3. protective armor for players who don’t want to be killed. but that can be used by griefers too

  4. no kill server for japan

Why exile doesn’t work?

You have to ask the person who erases it to know.
I’ve never erased it.

Are there not enough players?
Is it coming back after going to Donkey Town?

These are no.
Once a PK occurs, it is usually cursed about 4 times, and when it is high, it is cursed 10 times.
It happens intensively many times a day.
Even if Donkey Town is working properly, do you think it will?
Being the same player and extinguished. They often talk on the bulletin boards themselves.

This is something most players of Japan server 1 know.
I’m not the only one to have that particular opinion.

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I think there is no killing Japanese server. The problem seems to be that because maybe there is no iCloud data storage for Android system, the player can get rid of the banishment number and avoid going to Donkey town by reinstalling the game.

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so the B-system works. but the main problem is exploit of the B-system by reinstalling the app?

@Christoffer is this problem solvable?

If it is in that, it is overwhelmingly 2.

The difficulty of being treated is unbalanced, while the ease of killing with an arrow is unbalanced.
In the first place, I think PK is a function to stop the player doing the annoying act. Is it wrong?
Is it a tool for enjoying battle?

I think it should be easier because we rarely treat the player who did the vandalism.

You may have to extend the time to death or make bow and arrow treatment as easy as a knife.

However, I think rather than that, Donkey Town should work properly.

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maybe killing could be harder. you have to shoot 3 arrows and stab 3 times to kill someone. so the victim has a better chance to fight back.

or maybe 1 out of 3 times it works. the other 2 times it wont work. the kniefs and arrows disappear.

Exactly what is the PK you are referring to?

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