I am very angry

I didn’t think it would make the killing with the bow and arrow difficult.
It might be a good idea.

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What is PK?

Kill the player with a knife or a bow and arrow.

Other PKs are MPKs but I haven’t talked about them.

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What about growing peace lily in the town?

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Of course, lily flowers are grown in most villages.
Only newborn villages do not exist.

However, it is not realistic to protect the entire village with lilies.

In that case, all Japanese servers should be prohibited from murder.

However, if removal of exile points is not addressed, it will only do other nuisances.

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…there are no killing servers to be chosen as you like. Why is it necessary to make all Japanese server killing prohibited? Aren’t there any players who actually want killings as part of the game?

yes i see 4 of them. 3 are slow hunger and no kill. and 1 is no kids and no kill.

How about protecting with a lily flower? To the opinion that
Since it is impossible to protect the whole village with lily flowers (actually there was a village that did it, but the trolls still appeared.)
Even if I said that Yurihana would protect me from PK vandalism, I would say that the only way to prevent the killing of the Japanese server is to kill it.

I’m not sure which player wants the kill as part of the game.
Are you talking about PK vandalism itself?
We believe that PK as a sanction for nuisance is necessary.

As well as being a murder act prohibited server, I know.
But if not liking a PK, is it said that they should go to a murder act prohibited server?
Why don’t you go to a beginner server?
Hunger is slow simply, so that’s because it has become easy and boring for me.
I think it’s the another question that the vicious player who erases the thing and banishment asks the thing he needs and that measure.
Murder acts, because it’s necessary for a possible server, it’s wrong to tell not to complain even if it’s killed.

oh i just stated a fact :wink: there are 4 servers with no kill that my device shows to me.

what i think is: «maybe there should be a no kill server, but everything else is the same like the regular game».

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I’m Japanese so I use a translation app.
Therefore, I think there is a part where the intention is not well communicated.

I don’t hate being PK myself.
I just think I wasn’t vigilant.
But some people feel sad when I’m killed,
Suddenly killing a family who is truly enjoying crafting can be very unpleasant.
Being a mom or a sister. The target is always young women.
If Donkey Town is functioning normally, you can be alerted by displaying B.
However, exile becomes meaningless.
This makes me very angry.

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Hi @mamiwith

Is it correct that you are also the one who wrote an email to our support on the same topic? Thanks for posting on the forum too. As you can see from all the answers, it’s a good way to discuss issues together.

Here is my “official” answer as well:

As you know, we have already spent a lot of effort on giving you players the tools to fight back against bad behavior. These tools seem to have become more efficient now, but some players may have found a way to sidestep it, by hiding their identities. To achieve this, they must have found a way to hide their identity from Apple also, since we get a unique ID info from Apple.
We can’t fix this by introducing login, because it’s inconvenient for everyone else, and very easy to get a new login anyway.

So, what could be done? Well, since the trick they are using makes the system believe they are new players, one approach could be to introduce some limitations to new players. These should be inconvenient to the trolls, so they become bored, but not so noticeable to real new players. For example, what if new players couldn’t use weapons?

There are other possibilities too: if it’s inconvenient to protect a whole town with peace lilies, would it help if they got a longer range of protection?

Please help with more ideas, everyone!


Maybe you can upgrade a peace lily if you add more flowers to it?

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hmm some newbies want to have weapons like bow, arrows and knife or they want a horse or a car.

i would say from experience: when they demand those 5 things, they are often griefing short after that. :wink:

regular newbies behave totally different. they wont demand stuff. they ask question like: how do i make clothes or how do i farm or how can i help?

so for me its totally fine when newbies can’t interact with those items, because they don’t need them in early gameplay, when learning basics.

so if the system considers “the player reinstalling the app” as a newbie, im fine with them not using those 5 items.


Imposing restrictions on novice players
Broaden the range of lilies of peace

Please consider introducing both.

The fact that logging in is inconvenient for others and easy for vandalism is unlike anything you might imagine.

Since you can easily change your Apple ID, I think it is necessary to log in using another approach that is not an Apple ID, or register with an email address, Google account, App account, etc.
This is only necessary when you install the app, and I think it’s good if you can exile it or take over the memory of the lily flower.
This is something that you usually don’t have to worry about because you rarely have the opportunity to reinstall the app.
I think it is a system that is inconvenient for vandalism.

Sometimes they destroy the village instead of the PK.
If PK becomes impossible, it may always exist as a destroyer.
Even if they were destroyed many times and were exiled by many people, there is no problem for them at present.

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If you only need to log in or register for an account, “Only when the app is installed” will not affect the normal player.


It is very easy to create another email address or another Google account.

I think the change to an account registration system would work to some extent, though.
Registering once may be easy, but repeating the process dozens of times is a bit of a chore.
Using the same theory, I have another idea.
The first time you launch the game after installation, you are forced to do a tutorial.
Maybe five to ten minutes at a time?
It’s a pain in the ■■■ to do it again and again.
The more detailed the tutorial is, the easier it is for beginners to contribute to the village.




I have been thinking that as well :thinking:

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