I cant respawn in my town unless its super late in the night, Why?

I built a big as heck town, and then my moms let me starve like 3 times in a row. Now i cant respawn there at all, i had a eve marker now when i eve it stops working and just puts me in a random place. i miss my town. can someone explain this or fix it?

This is in the new update. The only way u can respawn now without being buried is if you’re the only eve on the server. Which is usually late at night. If u want to be rebirthed you have to be buried now


You have to live for at least 10 minutes. Ask them to build a tomb after that. You can only go back if you’re buried.

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I cant. The last time i was here my only kid was afk sooo… Sigh.

Welp thats stupid. you have no kids, or one and there afk, So i cant go back to my town i maade and finish that bell tower. rip, thats flawed

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It might also be that the eve marker was lost during maintnance or something. I saw that us 2 was shut down for emergency maintnance sometime recently.

This is on us1 thos, so it aint dat

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Hi … I build on us1. I can have u as my bby and bury u after 10yrs if u like?

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No… I have lost my town forever i think…

I find that when i live to 60 on the US1 server i go back to my Lilly. Other than that u must live 10 min and have someone burry you or live to 60 (possibly make it back, it works for me like every time, i think it’s bc no one else is fertile or active on the US1 server usually). When you do make it back, burry your old bones within 10 min ( before the age 24) and you’ll make it back. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Also once your Lilly is placed, it’s set forever like permanently until you place a Lilly elsewhere

I just posted a new suggestion for a “Founder Marker” or “Founder Stone” system. I agree, not getting back to your own town easily and consistently is what’s ruining my gameplay right now. Founders of towns should be able to spawn more easily and consistently

Okay, that actually legit sucks :<