I cant respawn in my town unless its super late in the night, Why?

I built a big as heck town, and then my moms let me starve like 3 times in a row. Now i cant respawn there at all, i had a eve marker now when i eve it stops working and just puts me in a random place. i miss my town. can someone explain this or fix it?

This is in the new update. The only way u can respawn now without being buried is if you’re the only eve on the server. Which is usually late at night. If u want to be rebirthed you have to be buried now


You have to live for at least 10 minutes. Ask them to build a tomb after that. You can only go back if you’re buried.

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I cant. The last time i was here my only kid was afk sooo… Sigh.

Welp thats stupid. you have no kids, or one and there afk, So i cant go back to my town i maade and finish that bell tower. rip, thats flawed

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It might also be that the eve marker was lost during maintnance or something. I saw that us 2 was shut down for emergency maintnance sometime recently.

This is on us1 thos, so it aint dat

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Hi … I build on us1. I can have u as my bby and bury u after 10yrs if u like?

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No… I have lost my town forever i think…

I find that when i live to 60 on the US1 server i go back to my Lilly. Other than that u must live 10 min and have someone burry you or live to 60 (possibly make it back, it works for me like every time, i think it’s bc no one else is fertile or active on the US1 server usually). When you do make it back, burry your old bones within 10 min ( before the age 24) and you’ll make it back. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Also once your Lilly is placed, it’s set forever like permanently until you place a Lilly elsewhere

I just posted a new suggestion for a “Founder Marker” or “Founder Stone” system. I agree, not getting back to your own town easily and consistently is what’s ruining my gameplay right now. Founders of towns should be able to spawn more easily and consistently