I figured out how to get red and white roses

I’ve been trying for 3 days and none of it works but now I finally get my red roses.

  1. You need WILD ROSE HIP! Not domestic rose.
  2. Cut it with flint or knife to get rose seed.
  3. Don’t do anything to the seed! Just put it on the ground. Don’t put it on the cold bowl either. Wait for an hour to get red roses and i believe another hour to get white rose.
  4. After an hour passed. Put it on the cold bowl to get stratified rose seed about 30 seconds.
  5. Take it off and plant it.

I’m having trouble and none of my methods works because i always directly put the seed on the bowl for an hour.


oh yes, I forgot u hv to place on floor first😂
actually you can simply get red and white rose seed in fauna’s town, I plant red and white Rose’s there, and you can get domestic red seed and white seed

After 1 hour the wild rose seed will become a red rose seed (no visual or name difreance) after another hour the wild (red) rose seed becomes a white one. Again no visual differance. After another hour the seed will loop back to being pink.

Once you get both white and red rose plants make sure to get the rose hips from them so you can hide extras incase someone griefs your town.