I finally got You Are Hope

Got a Google gift are did the code and got it. Made my dreMs


Do you mean You Are Hope?

Congrats @Themagicowl, have fun! But this is the forum of YAH. Maybe you bought OHOL but this is the wrong forum? The OHOL forum is here: One Hour One Life forums. Or you bought YAH, the unofficial adaption of OHOL. OHOL is €18,66 or $20.

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Sorry, I’ve been use to using the original name. But it’s ok.

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Changed the title for you so it’s less confusing. :wink:

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Well it was vacation and we went to a place called “Silver Dollar City” , there was a rollercoaster that my mom dared me to ride. It was called outlaw run. She said she would give me 10$ if I rode it. And I did for the second time.it
was worth it tho. And when she gave me the bucks I went to Walmart and bought a gift card and got YAH.