I found bee‘s

Lol I found it on public, haven’t found it in private yet

Ooooh looks nice! Sadly @paper doesnt seem to play anymore, which is sad…

I think bee’s in old places are rare. I ride my horse cart to the far east and found abandoned village. I recognize the village it was from the last update before bees exist. I can’t found bees there.

Yes, they spawn on new tiles or when new resources spawn, but bees are also pretty rare.

Curiously, bees are drawn to places where a lot of candles have been used. No one knows why… it’s a mystery.

we already know about it :joy: because the bees make all my birds vanish :joy::joy::joy: no more birds whistling in town sadface

Beeswax candles? :candle:

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Thats a good idea, what about: string+bee wax? Firebrand to get the candle burning isnt a good idea, the whole candle will burn. But a smalll shaft will work.

hm…chris already said bee wax can be a substitute of wax…when the update announcement comes out…

Yes, that’s correct. You can already make candles out of the beeswax.

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