I found Hope

I finally found my long lost sister. Today I spawned on US beginner 2 in a large town

Here’s a picture of the town I was in for reference, I am also wondering what town it is since it’s pretty big. Anyways, I was born to a woman named Nina. She immediately reminded me of her, but I wasn’t super sure. Then I asked her the question “do you remember calling a sis Molls?” And she respond “yes”. I didn’t buy it since sometimes a person will say yes without thinking or just want to mess with me, but she said she remembered me and how we planned on running away. We planned on actually adventuring together, but my phone died… I was sad, but I was able to tell her about the forum and how to join it, so I am praying she does…


aye that was my town :slight_smile:


Nice! It’s really a pretty town!

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Nice village also Nina is a TV show on cut she’s called as fish girl LMAOO​:joy::tropical_fish: