I got on last night and i was banned

Let me give you guys a quick refresher for how the Banishment system works:

  • The higher B number you have, the fewer votes it will take to send you back to Donkey Town.
  • Right after you come back from Donkey Town, you are on probation. If you get two more votes during the first two hours, you will go back to Donkey Town for another round.

This means two things:

  • When you have just been to DT, make damn sure that you don’t alienate any more players in the first couple of hours.
  • Seeing that someone has a B number does not mean that you should vote to banish that person for that reason only. They have served time already and are now on probation. If they mess up - feel free to Banish them, but if they try their best, let them move on with a lesson learned, and give them a chance to reduce their B number.

In the example of someone moving from B0 to B3, this is the fastest way that can happen:

  1. Get Banish Votes from 5 different players within only 2 hours of gameplay
  2. Go to DT for 30 minutes
  3. Get out and then get 2 BV from 2 additional players (not the same as the 5 above) within 2 play hours
  4. Go to DT for 60 minutes
  5. Get out and then get 2 BV from 2 new players again (not the same players as the 7 above) within 2 play hours.

For this to happen, I think it’s safe to say that either the player doesn’t care much about their behavior, or they have to be unlucky about what other players they meet. It’s the second situation I am worried about. It’s good that the discussion happens, and people become aware that they should only punish actions they can see. The B number is there so you can be more watchful of some players - not for you to auto-banish other players who may be trying to improve.

Note also that the B number will decrease over time - but the timer restarts if you get sent back to Donkey Town.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions.


Ill ask my friends kid about the trees, and not to worry, this is the last time im being nice enough to let people have sample play. Its only backfired like this once before and that was years ago on Minecraft

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I would have supervised but i was there cooking dinner for my friends family. Sweet and sour pork if you’re wondering. As for beginner, the kid watched me play a game with a family and Decided he didnt wanna be in a family.

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Thank you for really understandable explaining!
If someone bunishes my dead body or ID log while I don’t play the game, couldn’t I see the votes notifications, can I?
So if I go to Donkey town for no reason even though I didn’t get 5 banish votes within 2 hours, does it mean I have gotten them while I left the game?

Someone on Reddit also criticized the latest additions to the banishment system.

It’s really hard to get five ban votes in this game unless you are griefing. There are at most twenty people on the US beginner server at one time.

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