I had to kill most of my family in self defence

Was born into a family that lost its name. My grandma was a murderer there who killed several people lol. So my mom killed grandma. My older brother tried to take the bow so i warned my mom. then about 10 mins later my brother tries to shoot her but misses. I take the arrow and shoot him with the other bow. My mom might be a noob because she didnt realise he just tried to shoot her. So he dies and my little sister i think she was speaking in korean grabs a bow and arrow and trys to shoot me even after i explained the situation. My mom asks what im doing so i tell her shes trying to shoot me. She was chasing me around the camp trying to shoot me but failing to fire. She finally fired and missed so i grabed the arrow and hid it. Then after about 4 mins or so of me minding my own buisness i see out the corner of my screen she put an arrow behind the tree with a bow beneath it. So i replaced the arrow with a nearby featherless arrow and guess what. A minute latter she tried to put the arrow on the bow then walked out behind the tree cus she swiped at me so i imeaditly grabed the arrow and shot her. Then i had to explain to my brothers why i shot her. Unfortunately she was the last girl but at that point i didnt care anymore she tried to kill me twice. Then about 10 mins later my brother shows up with a bow and arrow. I knew what he was up to so i started taking evasive actions keeping an eye on him. At this point there were three bows, two arrows, and a partial arrow that people had hidden around. So it wasnt to hard to find a arrow behind a tree so i started kiting him around that tree every time he showed up untill he fired.i waited by the hidden arrow for him run towards the arrow and quickly grabed the hidden arrow and grabed the bow when he swaped it with the arrow on the ground and killed him to. Finally my youngest brother seemed like he wanted to just live in peace but i knew better so when he came back into camp i started avoiding him and standing with trees between us i eventually saw him try to shoot me through a tree. (Shows the trying to put down animation) but at this point i just wanted to see how long i could stay alive before he shoots me or if i could die of old age. Unfortanetly when i caught him standing behind a tree i didnt see an outline of a bow in his hands i thought that it showed through but aparently not also i checked the ground hidden by the tree lol. So when i stoped to say something he shot me. I might be wrong but im pretty sure he did it on purpose since he was specifically standing behind a tree waiting for me lol.

Welp anyways if these corpses were any of yall playing with me sorry for killing you but yall tried to kill me first so we are even.

Also mom pay atention to the bows in peoples hands if it looks like they tried to put it down then they just shot at somebody. If the arrow disapears but pops up on the ground they just tried to shoot somebody. If a child trys to pick up the bow and arrow after you put it down they gona try to shoot somebody.

I was just trying to mind my own business and farm while advancing the camps technology but had to kill four people instead ;-;



Rest in piece to all of the fallen.


Wow i forgot about this lmao. I really was just minding my own business and then had to commit genocide to protect my self XD

Yah most of the fellowship members back then were pretty decent at fighting becuase of having to kill griefers back then. (I believe this was before even cursing was a thing. Or at least people wouldn’t die if they got to many at once.)