I left my daughter in someone's else village by mistake

I was eve and been reborn couple of times in my old village. I was planning on mining so I ready my horse. I go west and found a village, not bigger than mine, they have horse, they have sheep, the village is in good condition. And suddenly out of nowhere, my first daughter pop up. This is really bad timing since here isn’t our home.

I name her “San” because I’m too lazy to think of a name. And I also too lazy to raise her so she die, oops.

Then I go north to continue my task for mining. I found vein not so far from that village and ready to mining but then I got my second daughter. I named her “San” and this time I will raise her for real. But she probably the same player as my first daughter so she run away toward the village.

Eh, I continue my mining then.

I was ready to go home. I took the same path from I was came, means I have to pass the same village again. And guess what? My third daughter is born. I name her “San” again. This time she didn’t run away.

My plan was to raise her in that village until she was old enough to ride a horse (provided by that village) and we both will together go home. So I told her my plan and she said “ok”. Good.

I told her that I need to go to our village to drop the iron I found and I promise her I will come back here and we will together go home, she was 3 at that time. So I went home. After I dropped all the stuff, I go back to that village to see my daughter. But then I found a bones with her name. She’s dead?

I was sad but what happened is already happening. So I decided to continue my life. I decided to raid that village first, took every tools that I can fit in my horse and went back home.

When I was home I was already too old and decided to stop playing. But when I see the family tree, OH MY GOD, San was still alive and she has daughter now!!! She lives in that same village she was born. I was mistaken the bones with her. I thought it was my third daughter’s bones but it probably my second daughter’s bones with the same name that running towards the village years ago.