I was Rosa Day

It all started of when I was born to Storm Day, I had an older sister and my name was Jake. Unfortunately I passed away from starvation so I rejoined a game. Luckily, I was born to the same family under the name Rosa . A few years passed and there was a bear attack my mother undressed herself and my daughter picked up her backpack. We were really struggling to survive this bear attack but my sister Rose led it away. My mother asked Bare,my daughter from before, where the back pack was she denied having it then said it fell off . No one believed her. I warned my new daughter,Mum, to be weary of Bare but she had died and soon did my mother. It was my job to rebuild the community and so I did and I requested that when I die if Mum would make me a mum grave and she tried but ultimately it failed. However, that’s the first time I survived an hour a life.


I wish I could’ve been there to kill the bear!

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