If eve die young

I don’t know about you guys, but i don’t want to stay in the place where the eve die young. But that also depends on how many people in the town or how many generations it has pass. If it earlier generations (like 1 or 2 or 3). I choose to suicide. If it in the middle generation (3 above) i may stay. But if it above 13 generation, i don’t know, it so funerable ( i might stay if there’s many people in the server. But not if it fewer. Or if i have friends in that town, i might stay).

That’s why i always keep in track my mother eve, i always note my age and her age, and adding it when i see her corpse to see how old when she dies. If she die young, i suicide.

The reason is, if there’s no eve, the town will not be revive when there’s no heritage. And upgrading the town is useless because the future is crystal clear. Especially in early generation where there’s so many suicidal baby rate. While in middle generation, there’s so much people dedicated to the town and might born again and choose to stay. So i stay. While in the generation 10 or above, there’s might be griever show up that will whipped all the heritage. (but i will stay if i have friends there).


Good points.

That’s all true, but even if the town is probably doomed and all your efforts might be towards no long term end, I don’t think it really matters. You rarely see the result of your work anyway in this game. Better just to make the most of the time remaining and take it easy with your fam. Turn the camp into a pretty monument for any chums who come your way and generally just have fun, I’d say. When not trying to advance any further or reach sustainability then a village is usually fairly easy to run and keep going for quite a long time.


Also if your playing witha fairly low pop server any boys born or females above 40 could try to be reborn to keep the heriatage going for many generations. As long as you have one or two people keeping an eye on the familys young lady count you should have no problem with the population.