I'm new and this game is too hard

So here’s the thing, I initially downloaded the game because I liked the concept but I have no idea what I’m doing.

When I join a game, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do and usually just end up eating the food and dying.
I’m aware that the “goal” of each civilization may be different depending on which stage of development the settlement is in, but I am useless at every stage and the game almost seems like it doesn’t want me to learn how to play it.

Why is there no way to look up recipes in app?
Someone will say “We need a _______.”
Welp, that’s too bad, I don’t know how to make it. So I guess you’re gonna have to do it yourself.

Why are the resources so scarce? I get that it’s a survival game, but if I can’t even find the materials to make a basket on a regular basis, there’s a problem.

Why does hunger drain so fast? One moment I’m eating and then guess what, the next moment I’m eating again. AND THIS IS ON THE SERVERS THAT SAY SLOW HUNGER. I can only imagine what hunger is like on the other ones.

And while we’re on the topic of hunger

Why is it even a thing in the learning servers(Practice Skills by Yourself)? I’m trying to learn how to make stuff and I can’t focus on doing that when I have to shove a gooseberry or a banana in my mouth every five seconds thanks.

Youtube tutorials are terrible because they either have the wrong information or they start doing stuff without explaining anything and leave me completely lost.

I want to properly play this game. Please help me.

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theres a book icon bottom left. it shows you the steps to make an item, if you click on an item.

i learnd the game by watching twisted on youtube playing OHOL. but yeah might be outdated.

did you see the tutorial stuff we made here on the forum? List of Strategy Advices & Helpful Websites


Thanks, I’ve used the book, but it only shows recipes for the item you are currently interacting with. If you know an item exists but do not know it’s materials, you really have no way of knowing how to make it in game.

I’ve watched twisted, and for the most part he really goes and does his own thing which makes it hard to follow sometimes. Also, he plays the PC version so I have no way of knowing if what he is doing is even capable on on the app.

Edit: No I didn’t see those links actually. I’ll try watching some of the videos, but I don’t speak Japanese or Korean, so hopefully the English subs will be enough. Thanks for posting.

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Ask people to teach you. You will eventually find someone who will teach you, the game is not hard unless you’re too stubborn or impatient to figure it out.
Are you proposing we have our tiny humans eat less than once every five years?(minutes) because every minute is one year, so of course we eat a lot.

Having people teach me isn’t the best idea because in most cases their labor could be better used elsewhere, especially in dying towns of 5 or less people.

Yeah, I’m reading the guide and adjusting to the “hunger mechanic”. I originally didn’t know temperature played a factor so I’ll pay attention to that in the future.


My second point on hunger still stands. In the tutorial servers, hunger shouldn’t be a factor outside maybe one of the food ones because it detracts the learning experience. I can’t learn anything with them because I have to constantly focus on food.

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The tutorials coincide with realistic game play,You cant be busy crafting and forget to eat.I find they give you a better feel of the game. Once u learn some basic skills it’ll get easier. Fire making is good to know and farming is always essential. Good luck

i see your point. learning should be made easy. it’s hard to learn when you are constantly rushed.

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It’s actually not as bad once if you know what you’re doing ahead of time, but that kind of defeats the purpose of it being a tutorial area.

Some parts are overly complex but I guess it’s called practice for a reason. Thanks :smile:

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I’m glad you make progress. I was at the same point as you in the beginning altho i watched a lot of videos, i died a lot of starvation or wild animals.

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if you eat different food you get a little bonus. like after a berry eat bananas or cactus fruit. when you have variety in your diet you get more bonus :slight_smile:

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