Im so proud

I was the first generation a simple eve wanting nothing more than a family to share love and share experience with. Soon I had created a small camp nestled in between ponds, rabbits and milk weed before long we were a small village helping one other, as the years slipped by my time had come. I stripped down and lay down to my final resting place I uttered out my final words to the new born infant 'let the forevers live for ever." Fortunatly enough the gods took pity and allowed my sole to me reincarnated into a baby girl in the same village there again I became a simple baker feeding the generations to come untill once again my pie baking would come to a stand still as my hair withered by back crocked and my heart stopped i let a smile spread across my face as i new i had created a family name that would not only last a life time but generations to come.

(Family name was the Forevers hope we last at least 10 gens)


Dear mother, I lived long and proud 2 times as your daughter. And died alone of old age… Sadly my one and only offspring did not survive…


Lola and Winnie!

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Lovely story, thanks for sharing!

Looks like the female-only rule is working well?


Yes this helps a lot! Thank you!
Today happened something funny and lucky too. I died as a nurturing mother and left my baby. I thought that’s it, village and baby lost. But then I got reincarnated as an eve in the same village next to my abandoned child, which would have died of starvation! :smiley: that was a really nice coincidence !

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DUDE THAT WAS ME i remmebee you were running north east carrying me when plop you fell :joy:

Yes you’re right! XD

Generation 11! We really worked hard but it was frustrating ,somepeople who spwaned didn’t help at all! Anywhoo this is the HOPE FAMILY TREE

When I got born my mom was grading some threads. She made a lazo and waited for me to grow up. After that she left me. 5 minutes later she came back with a horse, she was so happy. She toldme:
-“This is my greatest achievement”.

  • Congrats - I sed
  • I fanally got one.
  • Now you meed a fance- I told her.
  • Now I need food. - She screamed all loud.

She let the hore go, and ran as fast as she could, but she couldn’t make it on time. She died at 2 inches away form a berry bush.
I stood there for a second, and I run away…

My mom waisted literally all the trhead in that area to make herself a straw-skirt and a lazo. I had no other choise to run away. I went true a desert, true wolves, true wild pigs. I got almos frosen in winter. I got atack by a bear… All that to reach the perfect place, a place of my own. And I found it. I found Home…

Im proud of all you guys…

Sylar Uchiha


We made it to generation 18. This is a new record…

That’s awesome!
What tech level did you have at the end, do you know (or someone else)?

I was the first one in line ( I build the place) I left it at the iron age…

LOL…that was me!

I left most of my kids to die, but you were so cute I had to let you live.

Glad to hear you made it.

At that time, making a lasso and catching a horse was my greatest achievement.

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Last thing I did was an almost finished sheep pen, i tried dear founder hats off to you

Friday 07/20/18

Congratulations guys! 18 generations is awesome :grinning: