I'm tired now

I go alone because it’s hard to work when a baby is born. I wanted to build a village for beginners who had everything possible in the game

And I finally found out why every big city was surrounded by walls

Someone found my village, used petals, and it’s been hell since. I’ve been cleaning it all my life

He’s probably having a lot of fun. It must be exciting to have a town that’s cleaned and filled with resources.

Even my bones are gone, and why are you taking the clothes? Is no one reading the note asking you to put the stuff back? I think need to get around the walls

this is my village

Oh, don’t water the cabbages. If you don’t harvest them in time, they’ll look like pictures.


I feel you! I gave up on my town that was on the us2 beginner server bc of these reasons and people tearing my town apart :frowning: if u need help building ur wall i can help!

Thank you for trying to help. But it’s all right. I’m just gonna take a break, and I’m gonna have to finish the construction. Im almost done with the construction, so I’ll be able to open the town soon. I wish I could meet you in my town!

I’m sorry this is happening to you! I have a big town on us2 and ended up walling it in. I get called greedy for ‘not sharing’ my town but whenever people got in they didn’t contribute, they didn’t help, all they did was steal things, break things, cut trees that weren’t meant to be cut, eat all the food and just leave the place in an absolute mess. Also the non stop griefing, killing all the animals etc. I’d had enough. I worked too hard for people to just come in and tear the place apart.

I’ve spawned at your place a few times as a baby, I usually go around and try to tidy up x