Improvements to Private Servers / プライベートサーバーの改善について

Among other things, we are currently working on some additional features for the private servers. Here are some things we will try to make happen in the next couple of updates:

  1. Ability to wipe your private world and start fresh.
  2. Ability to invalidate your invitation link and create a new one. People without the new link won’t be able to play on your server anymore. (only Friends servers)
  3. Settings for speed of Hunger.
  4. Settings for cleaning up parts of the map that no-one has been looking at for a while.
  5. Settings for Decay time of long-life things like clothes, baskets, bell towers, etc. (This is currently hardcoded to Normal on Friends servers and 12xNormal on Solo servers).
  6. Option to make all players spawn as adults, instead of Eves+babies. (only Friends servers)
  7. Be able to run some of our Weekend Events on your private server, whenever you like. While you use this feature, your normal game map will be saved and then restored once you decide to stop playing the event. You won’t lose any of your work.
  8. While we do this work, we’ll likely make some other smaller improvements too, like we usually do.

Note that your server must be turned off before you can change any of these settings. We have changed the ON button into an ON/OFF button, so you can turn it off yourself.

We wish to give you more personal control over the servers you rent, and more ways to have fun with them. That’s why we have undertaken this work.

// The Team


  1. プライベートサーバー内に作られた世界を消してリセットし、やり直す機能。
  2. 招待リンクを無効にして新しいリンクを作成する機能。新しいリンクをシェアしてもらわないとそのサーバーに入って遊ぶことができません(フレンドサーバーのみ)。
  3. 空腹スピードの調整設定。
  4. しばらく誰もアクセスしなかったマップ内の一定エリアのリセット設定。
  5. 長持ちするアイテム(服、かご、鐘楼など)が朽ちるスピードの設定(こちらは現在、フレンドサーバーでは通常サーバーと同じスピード、ソロサーバーでは通常サーバーの12倍に設定されています)。
  6. イブと子どもたち、ではなく、全てのプレイヤーを大人としてスタートさせるオプション設定(フレンドサーバーのみ)。
  7. 今までの週末イベントのいくつかをプライベートサーバーで好きな時に開催できる機能。この機能を使用する場合は、それまでのいつものマップをセーブしてイベントを開催し、イベントを終了させるといつものマップに戻ります。それまでの努力を失うことはありません。
  8. 以上についての作業に伴って、いつものようにその他の改善もするかと思います。





Wooooooooooooooooooooow thats really good


If i do not stop playing what is mentioned in#7, even without logging in, does the timer for #4 stop? Or the event will finish after a few days automatically?

Settings for speed of hunger? Does that mean we can choose slow hunger ???

Yes, you’ll have three different speeds to choose from.


I have updated the original post in anticipation of the release coming soon…

What is the specific period of “often” in “Reset settings for certain areas in a map that nobody has accessed for a while”?


After the 10/16 update
On a private server
Home marker is gone
Some of the craft has been reset
The phenomenon is happening.

It’s very sad that the buildings and fields I’ve crafted with my friends disappear.
Can you restore it to the saved state before you updated it? Please consider it.

What does it mean by play mode to the east 1/2?

1 team (everyone collaborates) or 2 teams (competition)

@sweetazuki I replied in the other topic you posted:

Nice! BTW I love the really slow hunger mode. It’s totally worth the monthly fee