Intoxicated gameplay

I am drunk, if the title did not make that obvious.
This is an amazing game, but do NOT play if you are not fully aware.
I drank today and tried playing this game. Ended in utter failure and sadness. Ended up being killed by some animal no matter what I did.
Kutos to the creators for making a game that requires actual focus to play.
This isn’t a dumb shoot em up game like most, no sir. This is legit. FOCUS is key. Which is not something a drunk person has.
I shall sleep now and wait to be born tmro into the beautiful world that is One Hour One Life.
The literal best game ever.
Even my boyfriend who HATES this game admits that it is amazing and he doesn’t play it because it requires actual brains to advance, lol.
Love it, love you creators. <3
One of my greatest fears is that this game suddenly disappears and I can’t play anymore.
Keep being awesome!


Haha! :rofl: