Iron vanish in a second

i played in my friend’s private server, i was riding a horse cart with a basket of 3 iron, an axe , a wild berry and a sharp stone. when the berry vanish (i just put it in cart with no container), the 3 iron which in basket also vanish in the same time, I think it’s a bug, the basket is empty and i can later put something inside.

When things happened, i am on my way back to village and the horse run past a tree and then like magic, the basket is empty LOL

@Christoffer Don’t know if you need more information for the problem, maybe i will try to put some other things to test it with the berry again later when i hv time to play.


Could you send me an invitation link to the server in a private message, thanks?

sure, already send you the link of the private server

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We were able to reproduce the buggy behavior. What’s more, it seems it’s the same bug behind your experience and this one: Major glitch
We were never able to reproduce that one (despite trying a lot) so thanks to you, we’ll be able to fix that issue as well.