Items that are too easy to grief

Owooo! I can talk all night about this problem. I had no choice but to delete the game because I deported Gryffer. Because I was ostracized and harassed by the grifters at this points :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
First ,There is a problem with wooden things. Pine walls, pine columns, etc. can be too easily damaged. How hard and material it takes to make them, and it’s too much to turn into a piece of wood at once.
However Why can’t a log disk be made of a piece of wood? These things are useless without the wheels being made. So many griffers make all the logs into wood disks.
Second, Why is the plaster wall so easily removed? I used clay to make my house and kindergarten kitchen for a few days. I don’t know how many seats there are in, but once they’re pulled, they’re crushed. So now my village collapsed and it is impossible to recover. When do you want to have so many seats?
Third, Why can’t palm and rubber trees be planted? These are one of the most serious. They cut down all the palm and rubber trees around the village and make it impossible to produce rubber. I’ve been through this many times, and I’ve suggested it, but well. …
Fourth, It takes too long to plant trees. As I said before, Griffier is the main tree. I cut down all the trees around me. But planting trees takes hours. This is one of the reasons why I deleted this game. I plant trees for hours, but the griffers break down trees in no time.
Fifth, Why does the wooden salute fall off? As you said, wooden boxes break down well, so many users make boxes with handles to prevent them, but Griffer uses them to put wheels on them and destroy them.
SixthThe floor is too fragile. The floor is one of the Greippers’ favorites. Just one drag , the floors are crushed

I couldn’t bring pictures that fit all the arguments because taking pictures is too painful. Why do i know the details? It all happened in my village😡



Seventh, Why is the fence so good for Griffiers ? When you build a fence to raise livestock, the griffers turn it into a fence. Then they frame someone else and send him to Dongki. Do you know how upset and surprised I was when I got this in my village? The fence recipe should change like a wooden box and a wooden bucket. If the fence can be built with an uninstalled fence rather than with a fence, the griffers’ behavior will be reduced.
8th, Can’t we take action in the game so that all the livestock near the village cannot be killed? The griffers kill all the livestock, so we have to set up the game so that we can’t kill all the animals in the surrounding areas that are recognized as villages, and we can’t kill the last of each species. How about the area of recognizing the village as a village, such as the number of people living, the number of tombs, the size of a home, the size of a bell tower and the ability to activate it?
Ninth, Why is the pine tree so fragile when a bird is seated?If you put the bird in the pine tree with difficulty, Griffin breaks it with an ax so that they can’t hear their song. Why did these make it break? Actually im still don’t understand it


Currently known easy to grief items:

Boxes turn into kindling
Ovens once broken only leave behind one adobe
Fences too easy to turn into gates
Make logs into many wood disks
Floors too easy to remove
Adobe walls and pine walls

Raspberries too easy to remove after planted
Un-replantable trees
Trees are too hard to plant but too easy to chop
Bird trees are too easy to chop

Last sheep
Last pig
Too easy to kill puppies
Bear release is a common method of griefing
Horse cart stealing


I met with griefing which mass-produced wooden hammers.
This act easily damages the village, too.


I think a fix for fences being griefed would be making it where animals cant go through open fences. But then they would be traped in them permanently if someone wants to move them so maybe we should be able to move grown animals through the fence gates using the lasso.


Some nice ideas

Crowned sheep by @Stewie

Ideas about sheep skin and wood disks from @Yang-E

@Yang-E ‘s friend’s drawing: Sheepskin coat

Who woke up bear by @KOBHEY


For some time I was thinking about increasing the use of wooden disks.
make the carving the dish of the tree with a chisel.
Or make the lid of a larger glass bottle.
Wooden dishes will be more limited than clay dishes.
It cannot be used for cooking that uses fire, such as pies.
Not very convenient.But it can be used for burritos, tacos and cakes.



Thanks for sharing your ideas :slight_smile:. Does anyone have ideas for wooden boxes ?

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If you add rubber tires to the wooden box, the griefer cannot be broken. If you install it incorrectly, you can build a car.

As a countermeasure that can be taken now, as MeyuNyang says, rubber tires and sticks are used.
As a plan for improvement, I think it is better not to break it with an axe.
Instead, will prepare new means to break it.
For example, cut a box rope with flint.
The box returns to the board and rope.
It’s easy to break, but it’s easy to put it back in the box.


About wooden discs and wooden hammers.
I came up with the idea of ​​shaving with a knife to make pulp.

Sometimes bad words are left on paper.
Therefore, I want an eraser.
Or, I want to make recycled paper using unnecessary paper.


Maybe flint chip is too easy to accidentally remove boxes? :thinking:

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Would you like hatchet and wooden hammer?
I want to put knives and scissors in the box.
I couldn’t think of cutting a rope any more.
Are there any other good things?


Yes this is a hard one, seems like flint chip is a better option because we like to store tools in boxes. And it would be nice to put axe in a box.


Or imitate removing the fence?
Hitting with a wooden hammer and immediately cutting the rope with flint chip?


Ovens and forge once broken only leave behind one adobe.
It is easiest to change back to Adobe to two or three.
Another idea is to make clay.
How is that like this?


I think changing back to the same amount of adobe helps, also would be nice to make clay I have to travel so far for clay now on no kids server :sweat_smile:

Nice ideas @mia.a !

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Clay is actually formed by certain rocks breaking down chemically so i think the actual recipe would likely be something like round stones or flatstones being placed in some of that acid stuff for batteries but im not sure if its feasible irl to make artificial naturally formed clay.

Its actually really simple to make modeling clay irl although using salt cornstarch and wheat. But i don’t think modeling clay would be a realistic replacement for normal clay in adobe but im not sure either since i don’t know much about it lol


I haven’t done it in real life, so I don’t know if I can make clay this way.
Academically, it was [a sediment made of very fine particles], so I thought about an easy way to remove it from the soil.
As you say, it may be a way to grind the ingredients.

I thought about wheat clay, too.
I gave up that it was inferior in strength to the actual clay…

I don’t have much knowledge.
I want to ask if anyone knows a good way!


Some current items are commonly & easily griefed updated ver? I noticed this thread hasn’t been updated since 2020!

• Water with ashes
– its hard and v time consuming to make noodles (soup, bowl, eggs, chopsticks etc.) - Perhaps we should be able to burn the ashes out using fire??

• Doors

  • Maybe if the door is not installed, it could return to 2 wooden boards + ropes - I’ve been seeing towns with 20+ doors

• Chopped boards

  • There are very limited uses for them (beehives) so perhaps we should be able to stick it back?

• Radios - If not FULLY assembled (with the antenna etc.), it should be removable as in most cases, no griefer has the time or resources to make ALL items required to complete a radio.

ALSO, nothing to do with the list above but when would the horse cart item slot be increased to 6?? :sob::broken_heart: