Journey to found my town (Day 1)

In the past three days I finally decided to make solo town in Singapore server. It took 12 hours of working alone for me to I finally put my last stone to build a wall surrounding my town. But I makes a mistakes while trying to put a locked key for my double door, I accidentally trapped myself.

So i lost my town.
Now, I have the chance to find it again. I spawned in abandoned town. The town was badly griefed. There’s no way I want to fix this town.

While looking around, I found a horse cart and thought “hei, maybe I could find my old town.”. So I took the horse and I took other stuff that I could find to be useful in my journey. It was silly decision, i know, but I can’t wait to have that feeling when I’m filled with joy if I could finally found my town. I’m willing to take that risk.

So I went off, I wander with no sense of direction. All I see is the sight of griever. So many biomes has been touch by the griever. Flint stone everywhere, so many adobe in the swamp, a rabbit snare that left alone with the dead rabbit beside it. Why? I have no idea. Maybe the griever is making a mark.

My food bar is decreased so much that I couldn’t proceed no more. So I called it a day. I park my horse and makes a small camp. No sign of familiar scent of my old town. This journey will be harder than I thought.


I will do the same to find my town. Unfortunately in one life I was killed by my son right after I tamed a horse and in another life I got so close to taking a horse and got killed by a wolf. Sigh, it’s a long journey but I’d like to think that I will find my town again one day

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I am still trying to get back to my old town, but its hard. I now the route but its soooo far and suddenly there was a wall so i didn’t know how to keep going in a straight line. Good luck @Virunthanwa. Maybe you know your position? Or do you have screenshots of bell directions?

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@Crazy_kvo I don’t know exactly where. The only thing I know is I go far south outside the eve circle (or so i thought). So right now I took a shoot by keep going south. But if I stumbled upon familiar ruin town I might found my town.

I hate that kind of player, it makes me having a trust issue