Killed over berries

I was trying to update a farm since we dont need 40 berry bushes and in retaliating I was locked in a room and starved to death I have her ID#. I tried to explain how its wistfully and impossible to keep up with all those bushes. But this player wouldn’t listen to me. Or any of the other players for that mater.


Omg I wish people would listen. It’s okay to have some berry bushes but they take up so much soil and water and when you have too much it just shows your experience with the game, it also irritates me like there’s different crops for a resin PLANT THEM

Instead of nerfing the berries they should realy just make them harder to plant more domestic bushes. Like making the domestic ones seedless or make them like trees and need to be watered twice several years apart. I understand the value of these berries for small start upd but the tutorial realy needs to push for other crops. Like teach how to get seeds from carots or corn. Like realy badly.