Killer in a big town. Chinese or japanes?

I played in Eu server today. I was eve and the moment I spawned I heard a bell. It point out to North but I go to west just to make sure how far it is. It turns out really close to where I spawned. About 100 tiles.

I arrived to a big developed city. Another eve with a crown on her head come to me and say hi. I replied with hi. She has a boy. Then, I killed by the eve. Her son say “Yay! Mom kill.”

After checking in the observation mode, I thought they were Chinese because I see that she speak with Chinese characters but no she’s Japanese. But they use English when speaking to each other. I guess they speak different languages.

There’s a written papper on the ground and it contained Chinese characters. One of it in English “Welcome to my town”.

The city reminds me of Chinese player I met in Singapore server because the wall has similar style. Maybe those griefer that has been hating toward Chinese player were actually deceive by them.

They speak using English with each other

That’s me, corpse with blood.

The wall reminds me of Chinese player in Singapore server.

They both die. The eve die because starving. And the son die probably because starving or too many people curse him. I think his own mother curse him because her mother have 3 children.

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This town got griefed today and they are not the eves of this town. I’m about to start another post for the eve Charlotte.

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