Killing useless child

I’m doing a solo run on Singapore server. It’s not always like that. At first I didn’t meant to do it, but my useless son change my mind.

Singapore has Chinese player (I think), they don’t accept foreigner. I choose Singapore server because it’s the fastest server on my list. I’m planning to make a family whoever baby I got I’ll raise them.

I have Chinese baby but they always run away. Until this one English speaker player. He was born as my son, but keep dying because he didn’t fed himself. By the third time, I already too old so I told him to not dying again.

He does nothing. Only eating my pie. That’s a red flag. I have experience before as solo player, a baby who does nothing but eat, once we’re dead, they become a griever. I had no choice to finally kill him.

After that I decided to 100% solo running.

That’s it, that’s the story.


A sad story. You made the right choice, I think. Sorry that happened.

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Lol. I had an old village that I would mostly do solo. Sometimes I get lonely and would let a kid live, but it was almost always a huge mistake. They ended up living for 13 generations and wrecked my town, lost horses, etc.

I had to move and start all over. So now I won’t let anyone live until I finish building my giant wall and locking all the exits, lol.