Just recently I was born in the us beginner server (I like the high population.) Everything was pretty much normal. (except some lady trying to stab me when I was a baby) when I was of age, I rode my horse everywhere.

As you know, I was on the beginners server. If theres one thing about the beginners server, its that if you want clothes, look in the badlands.(lots of wolves. lots of people who dont know how to avoid wolves) I, a person who was completely naked at the time, found myself all the clothes i needed for warmth, and set off to explore.

While I explored, I found and mined two iron veins, and found a slightly smaller abandoned village. There I took all their knives and their iron. (there really wasn’t anything there that my village didnt already have)

When I came back, I found that my daughter was the last hope. she had a daughter and her daughter had a daughter. And I died.

It was a happy and completely normal life. When I saw the family tree, though. It was HUGE almost 60 generations. The most I have ever seen was about a 30. And that was when i was eve. (I really think about where I set up a home)

Anyways, what is the largest family you have had?


21 generation. I might as well ever see 30 but I’m not sure.

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I was just there.

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The largest one I’ve had (on Eu-2).