Let's dye together, mom

My name is Ceasar T, my mom is Martha T.

I born near the sheep pen and my mom is busy with the wool. She made me a wool hat and I thought to dye it blue. I don’t really remember what material that makes it blue so I wondering around the desert looking for wrong material before I realize I need lavender.

Back to home, my mom still busy with the sheep and I think she was the one who planted all the carrots. Fortunately, I managed to put the carrot in the container.

I told her "Let’s dye the fabric mom. She said Ok. She made wool sock, and I think she was about to make wool clothes but I don’t know why she didn’t kneed it.

She light up the fire, I’m waiting for it to die. My mom keeps running around, I’m guessing because she’s hungry, she was quite old. As soon as the fires die, I put the bowl in it. I think I’ll do it alone without mom then. So, I Pre-dye my hats, some fabric, and a pair of sock. I put all of them in the blue dye. The fire turns to ashes and my mom arrived. She’s too late. Weirdly, the pre-dye liquid (I don’t know the name) is still light on fire. My mom put the wool clothes she intended to make in the liquid. Since it’s pre-dye, we can’t wear them.

My mom was 58 and I told her, “maybe red” . So I run to find the red root. But when I’m back, she’s gone.

My cousin burry her bones and I put the root on her graves. I decided to suicide because the village has no girls. I decided not to dye the wool clothes because I’m afraid it will get decay so I save it for the next eve generation.