Living unconsciously pt.2

I got out of the dressing room, with my fully clothed body, and closed the door when I was in the hall. Bear skins everywhere, of course. I went up. Above there were many rooms, mostly storage ones. But the most interesting room was the “Head maid’s room”. An old woman was there. Not past 55. She was at the age of 40. I entered the room and said ‘Hello. I’m the daughter of the ex-princess. Are you the head maid?". She replied, " Which ex-princess are we talking about, madam?". “Beatrice”. If you are curious, the room was basically boxes, some with the ability of being locked but not locked, others locked. Inside the boxes were TONS of paper. Anyways. "Oh, good ol’ Beatrice. She is a good woman. I still can’t believe she left her old life to become a doctor." Silence. (the head maid continues talking) “Hey girl, wanna do a mission? It’s super dangerous, but fun.” “What is it?”. " There is a group of people abducting children, especially female kids. They call themselves ‘The Faceless Sisters’. They live in a mansion in the outskirts of the city, north. An ancient stone path will take you there. We have sent hundreds of royal guards, but they never come back. Will ya do the job of investigating what they do with the kids?". “I will do it”. The head maid smiled. “Go my youngling, but first take this” she opened a locked chest with knifes in it. “Take one”. I take one of the knifes and put it in my backpack, along with some pies the head maid gave me. “Good luck” she closes the locked chest and locks it. I go out of the room, then out of the castle. My mission starts now… I go to the north of the city. I see busy people; carrying handcarts, baking pies, farming, building, talking about normal stuff… However a woman with a sad expression on her face is sitting next to a tree. I ask her what’s wrong, and she says “they took my children. the faceless sisters, they are pure evil…”. " did they say anything before they left?". “yes. they said they will drink my son’s blood, and make my daughter one of them”. I was horrified by this woman’s words. The Faceless Sisters definitely were evil. " thank you lady. I am going to their mansion". “good luck…”. After some steps, I finally found the ancient stone path. Nobody seemed to go for walks there. I took a deep breath and started walking. When I found the mansion, I had to hide behind a tree because they were doing some kind of ritual. The Faceless Sisters and a boy (3-6 years old) were outside the mansion, in their small garden of theirs. There were 10 of them. One held a knife. The Faceless Sister with the knife said " oh gods, please come and take a look, we have a sacrifice for you." The others started repeating the same thing, over and over. Just when they said the same phrase like 5 times the one with the knife shouted “IT’S TIME KID. CLOSE YOUR EYES.” The others started laughing and “dancing” around the boy. Then the Faceless Sister with the knife stabbed the little boy. He said “I thought you loved me” just before being shot with an arrow by another Faceless Sister which I didn’t see. His corpse fell to the ground and the Faceless Sisters gathered and started eating the boy. I was extremely disgusted by this point. I said irl that I had to come back to the castle and never get out again. I was still behind the tree. I decided to make a run for it. I got out of the tree and started running. Pretty sure all of them saw me. I noticed 1 Faceless Sister was following me. I finally got out of the outskirts, but the Faceless Sister was still following me. I got into the castle but to my surprise no one was there. Not even the head maid. I entered my biological mom’s room and closed the door. Sadly I couldn’t lock the door. The Faceless Sister opened the door and stabbed me at the speed of light. I couldn’t even react. I was there, bleeding, staring at that woman. I asked why she and her group were doing this. She said “we do it for the gods… and for your mother, the ex-princess”. Then I passed out.



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