Lizzy’s story

Lizzy was born to a good mother in a large town. At 3-4 she started eating berries for survival. She looked around the city and said it was familiar. Her mother heard that and said “Ok” At 18-30 she realised she was a girl! She said “Really? I’m a girl???” Then she had babies at 18-45. They were named Venus, Earth, Mars and Luna. She also rose as the queen of Omelette land at 25-30. At 50, she said “I’m still the queen” and made her home. It had 3 walls, a big rock, a fire, and some tools. 55-60, she said goodbye to everyone she saw. She then died due to old age. :frowning: That was the story of lizzy.
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You mean 18-39?

Yeah, sorry this was written at night and I was tired

Nice story. How come Lizzy only realised she was a girl at the age of 18?

Well, because her hair looked like a boy’s hair.