Loot Boxes


I think it would be great if you could find loot boxes out in the wild that would contain some nice loot like tools/items or something like that. Their rarity would depend on their level (common, uncommon, rare, legendary). The higher the rarity, the better the loot and the more you have to pay (in-app purchase) in order to unlock them. I think this would serve as a large source of income for the developers. Loot boxes work well in other games, along with emotes already being paid in You Are Hope, which made me think of this suggestion.

I would like to see what other people think of this suggestion. Please chip in with additions or modifications to my suggestion if you’d like. :slight_smile:

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If the boxes contain actual tools and/or items you can use to craft useful stuff that’s critical I think. Cause that sound to me like classical pay-to-win.

It would need to be something that does not make your life in yah easier in some way or it would be unfair. I guess that leaves us at stuff that changes the appearance of the characters or clothes you are already wearing. But what when you die? Can other loot your stuff so they have the advantage of you paying for these stuff? Or does it just last as long as you live? If so, what if someone kills you and you just had fun with your item for 2 mins? Or does the thing you get from the lootbox in the wilderness stick with you into your next life?

In conclusion I don’t think that system fits well with yah. But in addition to the emote system I think it’s okay to design special characters user can purchase so with a high chance each life you get to play with that special character.

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i like treasure hunt. but i dont like to pay in game. maybe there could be some sort of boxes hidden randomly under ground. and you have to dig a ditch to get the box out of the ground. a box can have 4 items in them like the regular boxes.

You already have to pay for a lot of the stuff in You Are Hope (chronicle, emotes, etc), so it made sense to me.

Maybe you could pay for permanent skins and clothes with a rarity value, sort of like the loot boxes.

Yes, sounds good.

Maybe you could see little shiny slivers sticking out of the ground, and if you dig them up using a shovel, a hole appears, and out pops a treasure chest. You’d have to unlock it using a key. The loot inside might be rusty though! :wink:

You might also be able to find treasure maps in order to find the treasure chests and the keys. It would make for a good adventure! The bigger the treasure chest, the better the loot is.

Customizable skins could be bought from a shop in the main menu. Special skins and different clothes that would cost a certain amount of real life money depending on how good the skin/piece of clothing is.

Someone should break both of those suggestions into individual topics and expand on them. :slight_smile:

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I don’t like this idea it sounds like pay to win for me. I know you can buy emotes, but thats only to have them longer or colorful. But that isn’t that important for the game. And I think its your choice to buy it. So loot boxes would make this game pay to win.

I guess that’s fair enough. Thank you for your input!

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May I chime in?

I don’t think loot boxes would be a bad idea if executed correctly. The developers know their stuff, so maybe they could find a way to properly add them?

Yes, that’s definitely true.