Shop in Main Menu for Skins and Clothes


I decided to split this off from an unrelated suggestion for the convenience of others. :slight_smile:

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Maybe the skins and clothes could be bought with an in-game currency. Depending on how long you live in a life, you’ll get in-game currency. The longer you live in a life, the more in-game currency you’ll get.

I dont like this because its the same to win.

Skins and clothes are purely cosmetic, just like emotes.

In game currency sucks because its not important for this game. My opinion

But you can have emotes even without buying. You can buy only better version of them.

Some clothes and skins in the shop could be free too, I suppose.

You can make clothes when you’re playing so the shop would destroy the part of the game to craft clothes. I dont think any shop is a good idea at all.

The free clothes wouldn’t be as good as the paid clothes.

This game is about crafting and rebuilding civilization. So I dont think a shop would be a good idea

Emotes don’t have much to do with crafting and rebuilding civilization either.

I didnt say emotes but i said clothes. And you dont need a shop to buy emotes. The good thing about yah is. That you can make your own emotes and that’s good.

Hi @Arfgn

I’m interested what kind of skins and clothes you want to see in game?
And would you spawn with clothes as kid? Or only if you are an eve?

And here is a tutorial of «how to make clothes» by @KazeNami :

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I’m not him, but I would personally like to see an alien skin and a robot skin, along with some fancy pants and shirts.

Maybe you should be able to spawn with your skin/clothes no matter if you’re a baby or an eve?

What @WumboJumbo said.

Oh, I already know how to make clothes, but thank you anyways. :slight_smile:

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