Made a sign of my name, LOCKED

Just wanted to share this, as I’ve seen no one has done it yet
It seemed a bit narcissistic that I wrote my name but it was easy letters and the only thing that came to my mind.
Also I made a lock and key and locked it! Yay so those kids won’t play around with it, and hid the key.
Also this was one of my mute lives, couldn’t name myself lol.


Good to see you back! I was Gravity and I am pretty sure you know me. You were very hardworking, made tools, helped farm… Thank you! When our lives were coming to an end and since all the youth vanished from the village I thought that it would be cool if we did a small fight in the sheep pen, ya know, just to add some spice on our regular 50 year old life. You were not in the colony so I decided to wait. I then saw you heading towards the forge and as I was about to ask you, you died in front of me. Buried you. Spent my last days as Gravity making a road from Oakby (our colony) to Goldenbridge. Never finished it, died of old age taking care of the sheep.


Hahaha good game indeed!

Good to know me not being able to type is a part of gameplay lol

The mute thing is a bug rather than an actual part of the gameplay, but quite a common problemo don’t worry

Usually for marking your name down in a village it’s useful to have a library. This can be a whole building or just a few stacks of papers. But to make one you really need a whole craft dedicated to mashing out paper from pulp.

But overall much cheaper than signs. You can use this library to store information which people can use when there’s nobody to teach them about vital crafts, as well as village lore. Someday I hope that books will be added in this game so we can properly store all this paper.


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