Made lake

I made lake in friend server!
It’s so beautiful that I came here to show off.:kissing_heart:

It was so hard work…:joy: But When finished, and I respawned in lake, I feel ‘oh, Im eve in eden!’!!

thx my friend who help to make lake :wink:

And you guys try to make a landmark too!
Its soooooo fun​:grin::grin:



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Hi there!

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Wow that looks great!

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Where is it located?

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At the beginning she said: friend server.

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thx! I spent 3 days :joy::joy:


Where in the friends server?

She means private server. I don’t know where, i am not a part of it.

Kvo is right, My meaning is a private server that can play with my friends! :joy:
Im sad that I cant invite you CUZ Im not the owner of the server… SORRY!!!:persevere:

It’s okay haha!