mAria family

had a great time on ip server 1 :laughing:. unexpectedly, i spawned in an already flourishing tiny settlement with the basics of a forge, oven and the start of a mini farm. When i was a baby, i watched in horror as my granny said goodbye and asked for us to continue forging before she died before our eyes.

When i grew up, mum told me to get some thread, so I did. I walked around finding milkweed and bringing thread back to base, while knowing my mum was taking care for the farm. Then, came my first child, Lily! I immediately had to stop and take care for her. After her, came 4 more! wow!

Thankfully, laura was an amazing daughter and continued farming whilst i continued helping around getting iron, clay, more rope, trying to keep the farm alive.

Soon, everyone died but Laura. She was truly the best daughter i’ve ever had. When she grew of age, she kept getting babies, so i continued the farm to ensure that we didn’t die of starvation. When food security was better, i made a smithing hammer and was ready to make steel tools! :blush:

I just finished smelting the iron into steel, when i realised how old i was… :[ Laura told me I was the best mum ever and I felt so blessed to be spawned into this family. Love you Laura!

didn’t remember to take screenshots so if anyone there have some that would be great!

this feels like the furthest i ever got while playing with a load of other players

family tree:


So far I have not seen anyone break this record…
(from the beta test)

Update: We broke the record, the last time I checked: Generation 28

OH MY GOD. I am Tia Maria. The Eve that started the settlement and set the forge. I was the one who urged you to keep forging right before I died and my last words were “make tool” and dropped dead immediately after.

Your mother, Perla Maria is my daughter. I CANNOT BELIEVE how far the family has gotten. I couldn’t be more proud :’(. I thank you a million times for sharing this. Love, Tia Maria

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aww yea i saw those but i’ve never gotten into any of those big families :frowning: mainly bc us/de server is too laggy for me to play on so i play on sg/jp server mainly