Marker chain

Isn’t a baby born on the marker chain? What do you need for a private server and a no-child server? What is the meaning of a chain without children? Do you have any plans for future updates?

I don’t think I understand the question. What is the “marker chain”? Thanks.

That means rebirth to Eve through resurrection and tomb

This is how it works: when Rebirth is used, you become a baby close to your Rebirth position if there is a mother available, otherwise you become an Eve.
When you don’t use Rebirth, you will not become a descendant to an Eve that was Reborn. You will be born normally, along the outskirts of the Eve spiral.
Why? Resources are more scarce inside the spiral, since people have already lived there. If you don’t use Rebirth yourself , you should not end up in a part of the used area that is someone else’s favorite spot.
Hope this makes sense?


I think what they mean is there seems to be a new bug that you can’t have babies if you spawned to your flower marker as an eve.

I have tested and confirmed that no one can be born to me when I spawned as eve at my flower marker.

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