Me and my only child

Tonight i was born as an eve im not the best Eve. Tbh i was hopping not to be a eve so that i could release my frustration on some poor noob. But then i had a son. And he wasnt a noob and understood what i was trying to do. So i named him zander and didnt grief him. He was great at smithing although not the greatest ive seen he was still a hundred times better than me. Well i hope to play with you again son. If this was you let me know .3. Oh and sorry i died of old age in the wilderness went to look for milkweed and forgot i used my homemarker lol

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Please do tell how it is you “release my frustration” on some poor noob Eve as a baby. We’d all love to hear it. Do you curse your mom the moment you’re born and then laugh? Do you jump from her arms every time she picks you up to feed you? Are your first words F U?

You admit you’re not a good Eve. Why is that? How do you KNOW your Eve mom is some “poor noob”?

You readily admit you’re a griefer. You know what I think? I don’t think that OP stayed because he or she “got” you. I think they stayed to maybe try and dissuade you from being a butthat griefer in future. To show you the game is actually enjoyable when people cooperate, build play well together. May the carrot god bless their kind heart.


I actually havent griefed yet. And what i meant was the noob that i kept getting born to that kept over eating all the berries and wouldnt listen when you tried to teach. Also the server pop was around 8 people at the time and she was the only person i was spawning on for a whole 5 20 min lifes before i would die because she ate all the foods and hadnt gathered any items to make tools. And would turn all the clay to plates.