Me and Singapore server

I can’t play in other server since there’s quite of LAG (especially Europe server). So my only option is in Singapore server and US.

I don’t know where they go, the old pro player in Singapore server is, it’s really hard to make civilization in the Singapore server right now. Not only there’s not much people there, but also a lot of new player comes in.

My experience in Singapore server is quite good at the beginning since there’s about 10 players that i know is a pro (most of them is korean). But recently it’s pain in the butt. A lot of newbie comes in and the old player probably go to other server. Now, it’s okay to encounter newbie, we can teach them. But, most of them is Korean so there’s a big language barrier there. When i try to give advice to them they simply didn’t understand.

There’s one time, i was eve. I collect all iron by myself since my kids decided to suicide when they see me that i have nothing. After make very small farm (a little to support me), i go for smithing but unfinished because i die of old age. The next life I reborn there and have children. Most of them decided to suicide except for my only daughter which from her i got lovely grandchildren. They all cute but most of them didn’t know how to farm.

So my hope is that while I’m continue smithing they will expand the farm. But sadly no. The farm is still at the same size as it was. My daughter complaining to me that there’s no food. And i said I know. I grab my basket and makes the farm bigger. I eat from cactus fruit that i save from the last lifespawn which strangely no body touch it at all.

My grandchildren scattered all around looking for food while I’m expanding my farm. I almost die tho because no food but i survive eventually.
After we have our food back, most of my grandchildren and great grandchildren die but some of them survive. Luckily the survivor knows how to farm (maybe when crisis time they were still a baby and can’t help much). But… Eventhought they know how to farm, they still didn’t realize that we running out of soil and our pond is drown out and nobody got the instinct to make well and sheep pen.

In my late age, i told my daughter to collect stone for the well. And teach her how to make well. And then I die. I go to the observation mode and nobody still didn’t make a pen for sheep. They collect soil from far away. And then, you know what happens next.

I lost my eve spawned and has to start all over again.


Yup HUGE influx of koreans. There should really be a korean server. Most of them love standing around chatting in Korean while the rest of us who dont understand are working our butts off to feed everyone. And most of them are so new that they dont bother learning the game, and instead find it easier to grief instead. Its really annoying but what can you do. I’ve even met a Korean who speaks some english and he/she agreed with me lol


I even get born to a town where they only want Korean baby. I born there 5 TIMES and get neglected every time.

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그냥 한국어를 입력 하 여 다음 번에 바보.

Dont call others idiots. Follow the forum rules, don’t try to bypass it with another language.

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I’ve experienced that too.

Google translate isn’t exactly accurate. He might have not intended to say that.

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Cant be far from the actual intention.

I doubt it.

We will look at the numbers and see if it makes sense to create Korean-only servers. Thanks for the suggestion.


Not what I tried to say. Sorry. :grimacing: It’s a good example of how easy it is to mistranslate something accidentally. I meant to have it say “Type some Korean stuff to survive as a baby” trick them to raise you until old enough. Something like that was what I meant for it to retranslate to.

Please don’t crucify me over that. :pray: I think it translated kid or baby or child to idiot from Englisn maybe because of the context. Obviously I don’t know Korean at all, I’m barely capable of using proper English grammar sometimes. :joy::sweat_smile::beers:


Same… :crazy_face:

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Thanks for having my back homie! Lol

What is 웅 (or maybe 응, i forgot) and ㅇㅇ means? I see them use it a lot.
The thing is, i can read hangeul but i can’t speak korean. So sometimes I know when they are calling me (야) or when they are asking am i Korean or not (한국). This game makes me want to learn deeper about Korean language.

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I use a keyboard app translator, kinda nerdy but it helps a lil. It translates in game so at least I have the opportunity to crudely say something(or try🤦🏻‍♂️) in any language.

I built up a lot of stuff in a cool Japan town and kept coming back for like a whole week. Made me learn some characters for words that I would use in game.

Then recently we had an influx of Koreans, witch I love by the way. Big fan of the Korean people. Same with the Japanese players. We English players are to busy arguing over semantics to get it together. Smh.

Please, it’s getting so annoying! They are abandoning non-Korean babies and cursing anyone that they feel like. I think they’re trying to curse other country players out of their family. It really seem like there are as many if not more Korean players than English speaking players. From what I heard their culture is like this, most of them stick together and dislike outsiders.

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Now let’s not share hating towards Korean players. I play with them for 2 months. My first month is great even though we have language barrier. It’s because they are pro.

My seconds months is awful because a lot of new korean players. They’re noob and we all know how annoying noob sometimes can be.

My point is, the problem is not the Korean. The problem is because there’s newbie in the game(that happens to be Korean).


No hate, just pointing out there is a problem and the solution. Starving non-Koreans and cursing non-Koreans isn’t a noob problem. I want them to be happy in their own server not take out frustration by starving and cursing other players, or getting greifed by English speaking players that do hate them. If no one does anything about the problem then hate will build up between the players.

Next update will add a Korean server, that’s all I wanted. :slight_smile: