Mom In Love with My Previous Life

I was born in the same village twice. First, I named Scarlet. Scarlet Silver. Guess what? I am a men. Seconds after I can feed my self, my granny died. And her last words keep ringing in my ears, “carrots are our savior.”

So I dedicated my whole life to farm carrots till I died of old age. Tiles and baskets full of carrots. So beautiful!

Just before I died, I met a lil girl. I know she is lovely and warm. I asked her if she would bury me among my carrots and put one on my ground.

Not long after that, I reborn from that lil girl womb. Guess what’s her name. Johnwilliam. Yep, with no space. From the first time she breastfeeding me, she kept talking about the old men who called her Hori, Horrible. She was so funny and cheerful, but scary and ferocious in the same time. She killed my grief brother but she loved me and my daughter like no one else did.

Before she passed away, she asked me to bury her next to the old men. She showed me where he laid down. She took a carrot and put it on a tomb and said, “people steal carrot from the dead.” Then I smile, She kept her words. That old men was me.


Do pretty

Awn that’s cute c:

Yeah, it’s really easy to be born in the same family now! Because when I die of old age, i can continue where I left of last time. This might sound crazy, but I got born into a family 4 times in a row!

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