Most impressive family tree


Sorry if you have some trouble working it out, aftef I took the screenshots I couldn’t figure out what order it makes sense!
But this is one mighty family tree!

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Bruh im sarah wolford!!!

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I was the only one that made generation 5 :grin: i lived till 60 and i lay rest by the elders!

And generation six just begun!!

Generation 6! Oh my god I can’t believe it’s still going! I wish I could come back on and rejoin you guys but I’m going to bed soon

Generation 8!!!

I think our family has broken the record!

We are now 13 generations!

Unfortunatly we are dieing out as we have a murderer on the loose (my own daughter :disappointed:) an i just died to a wild boar so i think thats the end of us…

I was your mother lol I died at 59.

Aye you were the one that asked to add me on discord!

The family died at 13 Generations so I decided just to starve to death since I couldn’t have more kids.

What is your discord Blackpanther72?

Damn still 13 generations isint bad

I was the one who killed someone the reason I killed them was because they randomly shot me :confused:


What’s your number tag?


Fair enough tbh we civ just went downhill as soon as the knife was crafted whoever had it thought they were better then everyone else

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