My Bonsai Person

So i started a life on the Us begginer server because i wanted to play with more players… Bad choice by the way lol only about half of them can survive past 3 yrs old without massive berry farm. Well it looked like i spawned in on a girl who found an old camp and i started to help her restore it but around when i turned 18 i noticed there was a five year old standing in the fire at first i was like maybe they are just afk for a moment so i fed them. But then when they didnt return i just decided to keep working and feed ing whenever i could but i started having babies i just decided to act as a nursery lol. Well i kepte her alive and she started having babies when she turned fourteen lol so i started adopting her babbies to. Actually naming them adopted 1 2 3 all the way up to seven :joy:

finally when i was going to die of old age i asked my children to plas feed my bonsai person and… They Did :joy:


They got her all the way to 59 yrs old :scream:


Oh man, i know how it feels


Haha good one.




So i tried spawning into the Eu server. Was wanting to play in kappugen for a bit but was born to a fellowship member in the wilds. Well she was an eve and she spawned near some clothes which she gave to me because her phone was about to die. I was three when it finally did and i decided to keep her alive lol we were in the middile of a jungle so it was perfect conditions for it.
Thanks for helping me take care of mom commrad Ivon you were a true comrade :heart: