My greatest solo run yet

I’m constantly amazed at the things you can learn and accomplish during solo runs! During this run, I got lucky and found 5 iron veins relatively close to my base. I learnt my lesson this time around and never had any kids (although some babies tried to poke bear caves out of spite but luckily I’d blocked the nearby caves).

I made the newcomen engine with all its attachments, a running car, an oil rig and more! It definitely hurt to lose my progress when I was killed by a bear though. I guess its back to regular multiplayer for me :slight_smile: To anyone who wants to learn more about crafting in this wonderful game, I urge you to give solo play a go!

P.S. This was on the Singapore server (because I live there and also there are very few people on it) and it was cool to find a couple of others doing solo runs on the server too.


I think i waz your kid :)))))) you left me starving :)) hahah

Nice solo run!

sorry!! cant trust anyone ):

I lost my save point once because I was killed by a wolf. But then I try go south everytime I born as eve, about 5 or 6 times reborn, i found my original base! :slight_smile:
I try crafting tools and cook different food. As I am busy in crafting, I starve at aged59 and lost my save point again. I try going south and found the base AGAIN !
My progress is slow and I have to practice a lot. Today is my first time to build a wheel cart, and planning to build sheep pen later. Hope I can improve my skill like you and back to multiplayer gameplay and help others soon.

That’s called Eve spiraling.

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Lets make a code to enter in This town And
help u!

Add me on discord v3tint#0996 I can help and threw discord you know it’s me. We can organize eve spawns or keep girls going in the towns to keep it.

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Are u 3vnthebuilder

V3tint yeah or the builder in the group.

thats so lucky!!! i’ve never found any of my old bases ):

sadly i got killed and cant find this home ever again!

next time u born as eve, try south, i run for almost 15 to 20 mins to get there, but totally worth it.
(ppl keep saying running to south can find old camps so I go south)