My happy life ends with grifer, But

I born as a baby in a village where my mum was the 2nd generation, I developed the farm and help my mum with different things, only my mum and I left there. And I died in old age. Later, I born as eve and I use the eve spiral to find this camp again. I give birth to my lovely daughter at 39, annie and I build the village together. When I die at 60, I reborn as my daughter’s kid, but she accidentally strave when i am 1. When I die as baby, I respwan as Eve in that village again and give birth to annie AGAIN ! yay ! and we hv lots of kids but all of them are boy. Later annie died and reborn as my kid AGAIN ! (actually that’s why I love EU server) I died at old age again and respwan as eve there again.

I have a lovely afternoon with Annie, and later I only give birth to boy and can’t find her again. Annie’s son was a grifer, when he know that we didn’t have girls bit I may respwan here, he kill me at 59 and the other boy. And what he left is mission complete.

I am not sad at all, because I have a very good time teaching newbies farming and have a good time with my kid. I lost my eve spawn, and I born as eve again, i try to find my home, i can’t find it. But I find a old home which is used to be My eve town yesterday and it is more developed. Mr Grifer, you didn’t make me angry, although you end my life, you can’t take away my happiness playing with others, Sorry, I don’t care what you have done to me, or maybe I have to thank you for letting me find my old home. LOL.

Annie, if you can see this post, let me know, # .


sorrysorry, wrong screenshot for the previous message

Which direction did you go in?

I go SW and found a dead camp from others, then I go further SW and find the old camp of mine. I reach there almost 30 years old. Quite far from my starting point.
I think there is some camp nearby because I find a ppl dead with a mineshaft near my village (SW also)when I respwan at the camp. SW is always the best direction for me to find old camps.

The direction of the Eve spiral is always changing.

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