My longest spawned I ever had

I keep track of how many times my eve spawned is. And this is my longest run, 23 times.

I usually not best at keeping my spawned, i usually died in 3rd or 5th but this time I got very lucky. And here’s interesting events that happened to me.

  1. I keep random baby. I never neglected them. It’s dangerous but turns out all of my baby just died starved themselves when they reach 3. I don’t know what exactly their reason is, but it happens a lot.
  2. In my 23 times spawned in the same old town, I only get grief one time and it isn’t really the worst grief. One of my baby kill all his siblings and nephew and niece except me. He killed all the sheep. And that’s it, then he starved to death.
  3. My horse went missing 3 times. Guess it’s common things.
  4. I finished the tower bell and ring it every time I spawned except on my last spawned.
  5. I almost lost my spawned once when I was mining. That time a baby girl was born and I’m trying to bring her back home to nurse her. But on my way, a wolf bit me. Since I know i could spawned back if there’s an orphanage baby, I didn’t let the chance go. That girl saved my spawned.
  6. There’s some Eve that spawned near my village but they didn’t found my town. Instead, they released all the bear in the mountains that makes me harder to mine iron. They spawned in west and north of my town. I know it wasn’t my kids because all my kids die young.
  7. On my last eve spawned, my son takes a baby boar and wants to domesticated it. He put it in a pen but I told him not to because they’re still can kill. So he put it outside. When the piglet grew, it bites my son. When I’m trying to pick domestic piglet, the mother bit me.

So there you go, my eve spawned lost. Hopefully someone found it and ring the bell for me. Buuuttt i should’ve let go what I lost.