My mother village became my village

My mom is Eve and a noob that spends her time figuring out how to make a fishing pole. She can’t figure out how to get the fish hook. She disappeared most of the time leaving me alone without anything. Luckily, I’m a girl.

After hard work building village by myself, I finally have a daughter on my 30. Turns out she was my own mother. But because we are so low on food, I died leaving her alone at 1 years old. Then, I log in again and born as eve next to my daughter (mom). I picked her up and named her (I didn’t have the time to name her before).

This is the second time I see that a mother born on the exact same spot next to their kids. My previous life before this was my mother starved to death and born again exactly next at her corpse. Is this part of the program?


Yah its a feature. I at one point wrongly acused someone of being a hacker because of it.

So the way it works is when a babies mother dies before they turn three years old and someone spawns as an eve before the motherless baby turns three or dies they will spawn beside the orphaned baby instead of the normal eve spiral. I believe this doesnt work if the spawning player has a eve location saved. It was added a while back to help save babies and towns on low population servers when someone is born to a noob eve or mother.

This still happens on higher population servers but much more rare because a player has to spawn as an eve in a small time frame after a babies mom dies.